Interest Group - Card Craft
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Current Group Status: VACANCIES

My introduction to card making was by becoming a member of our Card Craft 1 group, and to enjoy the experience and the expert guidance from Jan , who gave all who were fortunate enough to be in her group the inspiration to produce some splendid cards each time. As Jan’s group has been full for some time and is likely to be so in the future, it seemed to be a logical step to start a second card craft group.

With Jan’s encouragement and guidance I was able to start up the Card Craft 2 group which meets on Monday either from 10 a.m. until noon, or 2 p.m. until 4 p.m. The dates to be fixed to fit in with members of the group. We have several members but still have room for more.

The members have turned out some wonderful cards over the past weeks and seem to be prepared to tackle even the most difficult designs of cards with a gusto which astounds me. From time to time the occasional mistake in construction can be ‘adapted’ to cover up what went wrong, in order to produce a card to be proud of when it is time to go home. It is surprising how many things one can do in order to cover up a ‘mishap’. I think we have all, including myself, made a ‘LEFT HANDED’ card. This tricky technique involves the card opening the opposite way to a normal card, because the insert has been stuck inside the card upside down and cannot be removed. That usually causes much amusement from everyone including the person who has achieved a beautifully constructed ‘left handed card’.

There is much laughter throughout the classes, and I am delighted to have such a lovely group of ladies who join me on those Mondays.

We have a cross section of members, from those who had never made a card before, to members who are old hands at making cards and know the techniques involved.

You will be most welcome if you would like to come along one of the Monday mornings or afternoons, so please contact me if you would like to join us.